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Organic Karuppu Kavni / Black Kavuni rice


Organic Karuppu Kavuni rice




Health Benefits:

  • Black rice is highly rich in Fibre content
  • This type of rice has highest level of antioxidants than any other type of rice variety. As we know antioxidants helps to fight the free radicals (Causes damages to the tissues and cells) which are released from the human body. It also reduces inflammation.
  • Consuming black rice on regular basis, reduces the risk of Asthma
  • It acts as a wonderful Detox for liver
  • It also helps in prevention of diabetes.
  • It absolutely reduces atherosclerosis – Consuming Black rice helps in removal of fatty materials which gets deposited in the inner walls of arteries. It also prevents the disease which arises due to this.
  • It entirely controls the Hypertension
  • It completely reduces cholesterol (LDL – Low-density Lipoprotein cholesterol, which is bad cholesterol)
  • It helps in preventing Cancer
  • It improves the digestive system
  • It enhances the growth of hair and increases eye sight.